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Trusting God: 31 Days - 31 Women - 31 Stories - One God


Have you ever been in circumstances

where you had to trust in God alone?

Thirty-one women, your sisters, are here to encourage

you in your circumstances with their stories of trusting God for their families, in loneliness or widowhood, for today and the future, in loss and anxiety, in hard choices and times of abundance in life.

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Life in the Estrogen-Free Zone: Humor and Heartfelt Wisdom from Boy Moms


Stories to warm your heart, make you nod in understanding, and remind you of the extraordinary blessings that come with being a boy mom.

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Mother: What My Mother Taught Me About Life, Love, and Faith


Mother: What My Mother Taught Me About Life, Love, & Faith unfolds a timeless tapestry of love, wisdom, and faith weaved by the precious women who've helped shape our paths.

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Love, Joy & Peace:
A 12-Week Devotional to
Shine the Light on God’s Word


Together on the Road Trip of Life. Pack your bags and join the WordGirls for a road trip with God. In Love, Joy & Peace, twenty-eight writers come together to explore the profound truths about love, joy, and peace that echo throughout Scripture.

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