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  • Stacy Sanchez

Grandparenting 2.0: The Joys and Challenges of Raising Your Grandkids

When my husband and I received temporary custody of our grandchild, we quickly realized that raising little ones in our late 50s and 60s would be different from our first time as parents. Though incredibly rewarding, taking on the parenting role again later in life has required extra patience, energy, and an open mind.

Let’s explore the blessings and struggles.

Priceless Memories

Grandparents have more time and patience to focus on bonding through reading, playing, and laughing. Their life experience provides wisdom to guide child development.

As grandparents, we can provide love, stability, and family support that keeps our grandchildren out of the foster care system. Our life experience gives us wisdom and perspective that benefit our grandkids daily. We know the importance of focusing on their social-emotional growth and self-esteem, not just academic achievement. We now have more time and patience to enjoy spending hours reading, playing, and laughing with them. The sweet memories we're making together are priceless.

Draining Stress

However, senior caregivers like us also face extra physical, emotional, and financial stress. Keeping up with children, from littles to teens, can be tiring! My husband and I are learning how to balance fun outings with adequate rest. Setting boundaries and making self-care a priority is essential. We've also postponed retirement plans due to legal and living expenses. Custody issues can be complicated for grandparents, especially if parents are still involved.

Staying Positive

I hope to provide advice, encouragement, and comic relief about our grandparenting journey. Making this big adjustment later in life has been challenging but incredibly worthwhile. We are committed to giving our grandchildren the best start in life, surrounding them with unconditional love. Though difficult, we keep learning, growing, and finding ways to make a positive difference in their world daily.

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