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  • Stacy Sanchez

My Anti-Resolution List: 10 Things I'm NOT Doing This Year


I love the new year. It's the one time of year when everyone gets a do-over. We all get a fresh start.

Didn't lose weight last year? That's okay. Try again. Didn't do a Marie Kondo purge and declutter? No problem. January 1st brings a new opportunity to clean out those closets. Didn't get around to learning a new language, eating more vegetables, organizing the junk drawer, or starting an exercise routine? Cheer up because you get another chance to begin again.

In my best Marie Kondo voice, I've asked myself if New Year's resolutions bring me joy. They don't. They bring me stress. I don't need to add anything to my already full schedule. So, out they go.

Instead of adding to my life, I will subtract from it. Here is my resolution list of what I'm not going to do anymore:

1. I won't feel bad for not enjoying cooking. I've cooked and planned meals for my family of six for over thirty years. I hate it. It's a chore. I've run out of ideas for making chicken dishes. I'd rather eat cereal than cook another meal.

2. I won't apologize for my thoughts or feelings. I won't make myself smaller so someone else feels better. I've worried too long about others' opinions of me. I've reached an age where I don't care what people think. Look away if you don't like my mismatched outfit or ugly hat while I eat Thin Mints.

3. I won't wear uncomfortable shoes or clothes. Cute shoes are often painful. I love shoes, but too many leave blisters. My ugly feet tell the tale of standing too long in uncomfortable shoes. No more.

4. I won't insist on flattering camera angles or neck lifts in pictures. I know all the tricks. I won't preview photos first or fret if unedited shots get posted. If you think I look old or fat, just keep scrolling.

5. I won't take things personally. Life gets easier when you say, "So what?" So what if someone dislikes me? So what if a post offends me? I'll be too busy enjoying life to care.

6. I'll say no when I need to. I'm great at overcommitting until my plate runneth over. Menopause says, "Woah, sister, reel in the crazy. You've lost the patience for that."

7. I won't take activities and people who bring joy for granted. I'll let go of those who don't. I'm in the back half of my life. I want to finish happy, not obligated and miserable.

8. I'll give myself grace, not just others. Everyone deserves grace, including me.

9. No more "horticultural homicide." I won't buy produce just to watch it rot when my good intentions fall short. I'm done setting myself up for failure.

10. I won't completely give up my dream of playing catcher for the Yankees. You may say I'm too old and decrepit, and maybe that's true. But in my mind, I'm as good as Yogi Berra was. Okay, he's dead. But I'm at least as good as he was!



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